GLQuake & GLHexen 2 for MacOS & MacOSX

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Source Code
The latest unified Mac GLQuake & GLHexen 2 source tree can be browsed on-line, or checked out anonymously with a CVS client like MacCVSPro. NOTE: All projects are currently in CodeWarrior 7 format.

We have taken the liberty of supplying pre-packaged GUSI2 libraries and headers for use with the projects hosted here. Please read the notes in the archive linked below for more information.

DOWNLOAD GUSI2 for Quake (required)

Please visit the project summary page for more developer related information. Refer to the SourceForge main page for general info on using the SourceForge website and CVS.

If you'd like to make sourcecode contributions or want to be added to the developer list, please submit your changes and contact information to one of the project administrators listed on the summary page.

Required Libraries
All targets require Apple's OpenGL SDK. It's a good idea to keep the most recent Universal Interfaces, and the latest GM Carbon SDK handy as well (both available from Apple's SDK page).

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