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General Quake and Hexen 2 Info
Id Software
The original developers of Quake, and active supporters of the opensource community. It goes without saying that this site would not exist without these guys.
Raven Software
The folks that brought us Hexen 2. They consistently push the limits of Id Software's core technology with their games.
Underworldfan's Single Player Map Reviews
Tons of Quake 1 single player map reviews and downloads.
Active Quake 1 community with servers and downloads.
Plenty of info on Hexen 2 including FAQs and walkthroughs.
PlanetQuake (Quake 1 section)
Likely the most popular Quake site on the internet and host to countless sub-sites run by Quake fans, mappers and mod makers.
The Console (File Section)
Learn how to take advantage of Quake's and Hexen 2's console to enable advanced or hidden features. Also a good place to find cheat codes and performance tweaks.

Mac Quake Editing Sites
Quake @ ChaoticBox
Contains Mac Quake modding links and tools. Also home to orphaned Mac Quake tools such as Quiver and Wadtool.
Giles' Quake Tinkertoys
Several Mac Quake tools like the meQanno MDL editor and a Java based map editor. Also contains a section of "relics" much like the orphaned tools hosted here. Useful relics include the indispensable Visage and MacVisPatch.
Loren Petrich's Quake Page
The guy largely responsible for keeping Marathon alive has also created some unique Quake utilities, including a LightWave (LWO) to Quake MAP converter, and model viewers.

Other Mac Quake/Hexen II Engines
Fruitz of Dojo
Universal binary Cocoa ports of Quake, QuakeWorld and Quake 2. Includes software rendered versions in addition to OpenGL ports.
Mac OS X port of the popular fuhQuake Quakeworld client for Windows.
Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion
Enhanced Hexen II engines including Mac OS X universal binary ports. Unfortunately this requires a separate SDL installation, which isn't very Mac-friendly.
Atari Support
The last official retail Quake updates for Mac OS Classic.

Mac GLQuake Developer's Personal Websites
David Caldwell
Chaotic Box
Frank Condello
The Brad Hole
Brad Oliver

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