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Welcome! Site Updated: December 21, 2006
This site is dedicated to maintaining and updating the opensourced GLQuake, GLHexen 2 and related games for Classic MacOS and MacOSX. Our goal is not only to provide solid ports of PC games, but to add features that Mac users have come to expect and refine the code for optimal performance on Macintosh systems.

File Releases
The latest updates and file releases will always be available from the Downloads section. A complete list file releases (including older, unsupported applications, and possibly "bleeding edge" betas) is available through the SourceForge file release page. Anyone interested in obtaining the source code should visit the Developer section.

Important Notes about Hexen 2
MacPlay has announced a boxed retail version of Hexen 2 and we fully expect they will provide better support and value than is possible from a small group of volunteer developers working in their spare time.

Our efforts are further hampered by the fact that we're using the open sourced Hexen 2 Mission Pack exe code, and not the code used to build the original Hexen 2. This means our version of GLHexen 2 and the GLHexen 2 Demo use the Mission Pack protocol and game logic, making them incompatible with mods and demos created for the original. Multiplayer with clients or servers using the original network protocol will also not be possible. Mods and demos made for the Mission Pack will work with the GLHexen 2 Mission Pack application however, as will multiplayer between users running identical versions of Mac GLHexen 2.

With the above in mind, we will continue to maintain feature and release parity with the other game applications hosted here out of courtesy for those who have already bought the PC version of Hexen 2 for use on their Mac.
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